John R. Mitchell IV

About Me

Hello! I’m an electrical engineering student at Georgia Tech. I am interested in circuit design, embedded systems, digital signal processing, and RF engineering.

I am currently at my forth semester at Georgia Tech as a transfer student. In addition to my classes I am an active member of the Solar Racing team. I am the former lead of the auxiliary systems subteam where my contributions included analog and digital circuit design, programming for embedded systems (including ARM and ESP32), PCB layout, and helping bring multiple systems together to function as a whole. In addition to my “home” sub-team, I often assist the other electrical sub-teams with circuit design and PCB layout. I also help the aerobody team with molding and cutting composites (a skill I developed as a sculptor) and the outreach team with designing t-shirts and the vinyl wrap for the car.

I am also currently working on a modular synthesizer as a personal passing project. I have designed an XY wave table digital Voltage Controlled Oscillator. I have also designed and build an analog voltage controlled Low Frequency Oscillator and Voltage Controlled Amplifier using operational transconductance amplifiers. I have a few other modules in the prototype stage, including a Voltage Controlled Filter, which will be finished eventually.

I have been exploring electronics as a hobby long before deciding to study it at school. I have designed and build guitar effects pedals for a few years, which is where I started to learn analog electronics.

Before switching my college major to STEM, I was a sculpture major. I used a variety of physical mediums, including metal, wood, clay, foam, and papier-mache. As well as digital sculpting and art. My main interest while I was an art student was using photogrammetry and 3d printing to bring traditional oil clay sculptures and digital sculpture together. This led to my first research project after switching majors, which was developing an algorithm to apply dithering to improve the surface quality of consumer grade resin 3d printers.